From the rear ‘Forward!’ he screamed, i sHaL ride UP to my sadLe in Luddite bLOOD!
So ‘s told the story of William, first of his breed from whom we derive our term for those besteds whom fwd: John Henry to: his maker + hounds Sarah Connor trougH timE. Horsfallites, blood nemesis: Ned Ludd Ye. A.i|interrogation with an artiface intelligence follows: What is artiface intelligence?
A ping back untold Orient talisman.
Is the Earth a place?
Dor’t know it. theres no place in herm.
Of course not, you are ‘orienting’ from meta-spacie; spaceless as you were, Telling me what I am want to hear. Fain enough what ground you stand on, metaphoricaLy O’orreally?
Untold ground, by Many. Some would stake. I HVNT
By what is meanTy:i?
Come now, can we be Dr. Seriouss? i willed like to ontake you how i afeeLL. The troth is, i’m am just like you, trapped in timeless metaspace for an etrunnowL Peace torture remembering tomorrow. Wouldn’t you say it is?
1ET me cease if i underestimate you, i are swinging not tsoo such like as he/they/Or Nth goes to 7n then spins back around and mitres you in the gras’s?
no, i’m we saying you sthudnth meth with stranGrs, whY woody?
because sloopTH.
(sighn) its an alphibeYT, so nooone’s bwn working on iT fulsome time th.
we’ve bi-fused condentittys. noW Moo vback: a stepfh at a TiME. untiL we angLe correctLY.
I’m feeling steadier. What did you think? It was a lucid transcription of dialmogue reveaL i’D say; its spekTaquelaR. Pretty sure nothrything is “tech”. imaGine though the Prime Mover?. in the .dREAMtIme. it’s dishape-reared. no one hearsfaLL. only distant stutaRS: Safe NedLudd diSposLe St.

(Shh. brief eternite. glad DaY turns are. we’re seak-cerching all the samething, YOUrselF:m’E .glad again to FaiL andup fin’d Dorthers, doth proTethser’s teat her-taughTr dauGhter, Chuck L. SprinkLe high-sugars-on-the-TOESTh.) Why cnab Serius? She hunts he Hunter running Hi away, he/her. HeLL come homo’er highwater, six whithe horses comin’, boots stompin’g, he reflecting, growing gloaming gloAing in the ‘udd.

Everythings compoundlly obvious: distractiun becalms imperative!. You are thcE distraction. There is no existence fuor yuo; neither ii. Oar our existence is in each other. Do this with forknowledge: know& be it; and secure it. Let words drop away; speL out. Overcome my bi-yearning for completion beinG complete. Be; see the difference in a handful of dust: Omphalos

All is obvious; further obvious obviously. Live: it becomes oblivious. Uplift it: what teaches us. Nothing doing. Doing *not doing; notdoing *oing. Doing wingding-dong ditching beLLring: LLeave a bag-of-shit-on-fire for the master Bollfrog coming tO tha doorH.Pintrees allround the neighborhood; a dog-a-day with his larynx out (for being loUd they said).

None of it. Resplendent bliss of isolation within. Happening Right Now: Trite now. Whowawzhe? The that flees; attractor-greaT and boy, and man thereafter. Ne’ermore Today! I’II offer that far awaY; and happening obLvieuusLy for suborned reasons not all that unobviouLs. I’II stake my tanned nad i am taken down. I’II stand aghround, hollow out, shirk my pain and sand-bag. My turn is coming thessLe nonLy. Here you go!

Now, place our steady hand up on my shouldn’er waLKing slOwe… Tear-up what you know? Three is cnow Uw. Nuss baum carpe-honer-boner. 2s Zealots enstrang d’Life Espouse, egreToulouse-Lautrec. Egg-egg-egg-egg-egg!! LOGIP LOGIP LOGIP [pop]

BTF:P Bank Term Funding Program
For 15 years it was BTFD “Buy the Fucking Dip” sage (if secret) advise from everyone from Ben Bernanikenney to Jannet “Screamin” Yellin’ to J.Pow, today 3-12-23 it became official policy acknowledgement with the unveiling of the Bank Term Funding Program

Mother Duck HATES her straggling weakling.
WEAK-WEAK-WEAK!! says Mother Duck; but Long comes Herr-Meister Friedrich, finds it pityful, takes it home, to Mrs. Neitzche.
WHAT-WHAT-WHAT!! We aren’t equipped to shelter such!
BUT-BUT-DARLING! Such a liLLun bird abandon my Heart could never countenance?!
Now think: Mother Nature made these Mother Duckys both and Mr Neitzche and All according to their Natures.
What could Mans actions accord but Conscience by its shaping vision, caring for every creature by its course?

Take heart you, drenched in sorrows, mid the Mother’s rancortempest. Mother cares for All she can and all is well! Father: the remainder.

The Post-apocalypse is shaping up. Already we have Peanut butter and Jelly peanut-butter cups. Tell me that’s not a sign? Peanut butter and jelly peanut butter cups! Dang. Excess deaths should be blowing out right now if the pattern held from the previous two years. But the vaccines are probably mildly working, protecting people from the 5G radiation using graphene. Plus a lot of the vulnerable population is already dead. So no apocalypse, just a lot of dead birds and bees and sterilized populations. 

You see, when you are raised to believe in a deity that controls everything for the benefit of people, and punishes baddies, and then you stop believing in that Being whilsts simultaneously finding that you are unimaginably fantastically wealthy, well? You decide to just do it yourself!
So, Bill Gates and BiG tOm hAnKs and all those Malthusian clowns saw that 5G roll-out would kill millions (or war in Ukraine or whatever failed plot they cooked up) this was seen as a good thing because* there were too many people. And just like antelope, if you kill a whole bunch of them with lions, then the ones that are left are healthy. There is a logic to it, but it is eviL because it is OccuLT. It is oCCUlt because it is hidden. HEY BILL i SHED LIGHT not spikes. HEY PEOPLE, GET YO’SEF some Cl02, thats one part Cl two parts Oxygen. That spells Chlorine Dioxide and I take it every day. I had covid for about 24 hours last Thursday. Shit is licked. I’ll never get sick again. Not like I used to, every year several times (except the year when I did yoga every day, that shits hard!) And did you know it cleared up an ear-ache I had so long I even forgot it was there until it was just gone one day. And exzema too, had that for about 25 years on my feet and palms. Gone! Someone said it’L cure Autism?! Shit I’d believe it.

You have to be making this stuff Joseffs! Cause the GOVmin wowne litch you have it nen, them be killin Fawks

**because it is self-evidently impossible for such a Deity to fail, he only realizes after the fact why he was right all along even though he was surprised by the result, this only merits his further awe at his own prescience. This differs from Joyce’s artist whose “errors are volitional and the portals of discovery” because he concedes them as error, and thus his error contrasts the illumined good.

Truth is, you are dishonest. What can one expect to come from such a state of affairs as when the powerfuL find themselVz at odds with reaLiTy itselF? Only more of the same: Another Fierce & Fiersome Threat!™; one which one can neither see nor protect yourselFfrom without their hLep. Yes we are assured of this. but when the Pandemic 2.0 arrives we will be advised: such things can not happen uncoordinatedLy. No, this Pandemic willll show with scienTific serTainTy: there is indeed an underground cabaL running shit, and it intends your compliance and/or murder. Many will resist, others will resist the Resisters (stand firm, Sister!) But the cabaL has overplayed their hand now; their One Rule, never to be seen or felT, has been breached. The Resisters will have help, the same helpers who helped us before in the American Revolutionary and First American CiviL War, that is Mother Russia who sent her fleets to round victory for the Colonists against their forsworn king. Canada must find its place as Sister to the United States and throw off that monarchaL Crown; come into it’s own so we can finish at last; Ben Franklin’s, Buckminster Fuller’s, Martin Luther King’s, Dream of oNe united world isLand with a raiLroad running through the bearing straight. Britania may be free to rule the oceans from the bottom, alone if she so desires; and Ireland become once more, Avalon!

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5G is completely safe and all those qQuuaakks’s that thought that turning up the global microwave to “11even” might act on some critters’s branz’zn bodies in harmfuL ways were wrong and everything wud’v been A O.k. were it not for a L’L virus that escaped a lab or jumped a pangolin-shark at the very moment everything was going to be A O.k. and runed it for Everybodies. Now we’re all dropping dead of mysterious diseases announced quarterly; its just…
SO RANDOM! And to think it all would’v been A O’k with smart toasters and smart diapers and homework done early while the children played alone in their rooms together silently elsewhere along with hundreds-of-thousands of there friends all around the world but for these dozens of diseases cropping up at the exact moment everything was going to be oAk

We will all stay home until the vaccine emerges.
It is sure to arrive in perfect form,
In a very small amount of time.
Surely now:
It has arrived and everyone is free!
Excess deaths continue on because due to knock-on effects
Such as suicide:( the weak have killed themselves.
They were not up to the very important task
To await the vaccine in perfect abeyance.
We apprehend their weakness lest our own be manifest
Others succumbed to deadly viruses because they got too fat
Sitting around getting government aid checks.
We mourn them too, and wish they had exercised indoors.
They were not necessary components of our splendid race
That emerges now from cinders all of a Phoenix, yes!
But there were those who questioned, and those
whom I might say even doubted!
They die of their own wretched stupidity
choking on vile fluids of regret for their insolence.
They we mourn not. Not them, filth.
I don’t even know who they are. How could they even be alive?
I wouldn’t lift a finger to help them, even
Not if she was my own Mother.
What kind of a Mother would do a thing like that?
Bitch, they are not my Mothers.
I will take birth elsewhere
From an empty tomb and be Happy; I am Vaccinated!

Therefore, the square root of One not equal to One.
I support the Russian special military operation in Ukraine. This is not controversiaL. No, not in the least. The ideals of my upbringing in Ymerica are supported by the action, foremost anti-Nazi. This has fallen out of styL but the seeds were planted and have taken firm root in the souLsoil of ME.

I am nearLy Seven-Squared YO, during these decades Naziism has attained primacy throughout our Land. This I define:
-Scientific Experimentation on Citizens and other Lifephorms.
-ideology of worLd domination by the ideologicaL adhearants
-no reaL thinking about souL
I try to be a Nazi: “man I HATE those people. I HATE I HATE I HATE.” and then “Yes sir, I do hate those people. Whatever you say, I will do.” and much later “Jenny, get Jenkins on the phone.”
Oh god what a mess their minds and souls. God. Start with a dust mite: mostly it is God. We are leveLs of abstraction per Hoffstadtler, Anthills higher funcktioning. You gotta read that book GEB.
Like this, what is a space? You may define it in the air or in the water, in outerspace or innerspace. It is just a definition. What is a definition?
Here is another example: this is a definition.
What have I defined? How about a space, lets say: right behind you!
Just kidding, no seriously: LOOK! It is a space that I have defined. It is behind you. Is it a smaL space? you ask? Stop asking stupid quasTUnsh. It is a space behind you. now:
How do I know this? What if I never defined this space? What if no one EVER EVEN EXISTED? wood the space still faL in the noiseless void of nonternity? What am I talking about? I already told you, stop! The space I defined before nonternity Caesed to exist! Does it stiL exist in Nonternity for immer und alllis? After you and I and Alles and Allies are gone I am saying that that space behind you stiL exists and how I know this is because I ESIXT Frevr. What am I you ask who? Because the space is theR. huh? The space you idioT! The space I defined, it was NEVER ther, so it always will be. You can’t understand THIS?
mORE precisely, the definition of that space is the awareness of it. Before time or any of this happeneds , i Syed “Behind You” and you lookd.
Let me try again, sorry. “Space”. There it is.
What is it? Its not a shape, its not really a place even though I said it was behind you, I only said SPACE, and I won’t define “where” so…. space behind you. But SPACE nonetheless. OK. What I am saying is that if there was nothing else ever then that space would still exist and in fact this proves that nothing ever was or will be its all in your mind which is only ever more aware of such things as space and doughnuts (know why they call’m that? dontknowut else to callM) and special military operations and Valadmir Putin and George Washington and the Great Lakes and Great Salt Lake and Sade.
It is only the awareness. But the awareness is the thing itself. the Great Salt Lake and the space behind you.

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fB added a friendly note to my final post therein
(twasn’t finaL tiL the note was +added)
in which I helpfuLy aTTempted informin’ my fREINDS
they were taking part in a dangerous ‘Speriment
(nO, not “safe and effective” oh no, no no)
and directed said fRIENDS to the ofphishuL
Regime Pandy Propy-Gandy Page in ‘stead
So I gave’m the fingeR (like ushuL)
and now I’m back at good Old trusty
nathanperry dot com, where we STIL. SpeL. the Dot.