We will all stay home until the vaccine emerges.
It is sure to arrive in perfect form,
In a very small amount of time.
Surely now:
It has arrived and everyone is free!
Excess deaths continue on because due to knock-on effects
Such as suicide:( the weak have killed themselves.
They were not up to the very important task
To await the vaccine in perfect abeyance.
We apprehend their weakness lest our own be manifest
Others succumbed to deadly viruses because they got too fat
Sitting around getting government aid checks.
We mourn them too, and wish they had exercised indoors.
They were not necessary components of our splendid race
That emerges now from cinders all of a Phoenix, yes!
But there were those who questioned, and those
whom I might say even doubted!
They die of their own wretched stupidity
choking on vile fluids of regret for their insolence.
They we mourn not. Not them, filth.
I don’t even know who they are. How could they even be alive?
I wouldn’t lift a finger to help them, even
Not if she was my own Mother.
What kind of a Mother would do a thing like that?
Bitch, they are not my Mothers.
I will take birth elsewhere
From an empty tomb and be Happy; I am Vaccinated!

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