5G is completely safe and all those qQuuaakks’s that thought that turning up the global microwave to “11even” might act on some critters’s branz’zn bodies in harmfuL ways were wrong and everything wud’v been A O.k. were it not for a L’L virus that escaped a lab or jumped a pangolin-shark at the very moment everything was going to be A O.k. and runed it for Everybodies. Now we’re all dropping dead of mysterious diseases announced quarterly; its just…
SO RANDOM! And to think it all would’v been A O’k with smart toasters and smart diapers and homework done early while the children played alone in their rooms together silently elsewhere along with hundreds-of-thousands of there friends all around the world but for these dozens of diseases cropping up at the exact moment everything was going to be oAk

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