Truth is, you are dishonest. What can one expect to come from such a state of affairs as when the powerfuL find themselVz at odds with reaLiTy itselF? Only more of the same: Another Fierce & Fiersome Threat!™; one which one can neither see nor protect yourselFfrom without their hLep. Yes we are assured of this. but when the Pandemic 2.0 arrives we will be advised: such things can not happen uncoordinatedLy. No, this Pandemic willll show with scienTific serTainTy: there is indeed an underground cabaL running shit, and it intends your compliance and/or murder. Many will resist, others will resist the Resisters (stand firm, Sister!) But the cabaL has overplayed their hand now; their One Rule, never to be seen or felT, has been breached. The Resisters will have help, the same helpers who helped us before in the American Revolutionary and First American CiviL War, that is Mother Russia who sent her fleets to round victory for the Colonists against their forsworn king. Canada must find its place as Sister to the United States and throw off that monarchaL Crown; come into it’s own so we can finish at last; Ben Franklin’s, Buckminster Fuller’s, Martin Luther King’s, Dream of oNe united world isLand with a raiLroad running through the bearing straight. Britania may be free to rule the oceans from the bottom, alone if she so desires; and Ireland become once more, Avalon!

I just realized, its probably going to be an internet outage they are planning. that way they can blame shit on the russians and the chineese. But it isn’t the russians or the chineese, its the cabaL and we’L be ready. FUCHUU!
So what must we do? There will be no internet, no phones, no credit cards. Soldiers everywhere. People being locked up. Here’s what you do, start over. All laws passed since 11-22-1963 are nuL and vOiD. Relocate the capitoL to Denver, Colorado (where Slim Cessna’s Auto Club is from!) Love your brothers and resisters and Serve Them! Abandon yourself to God as You Understand God™. This can’t go on any Longer can it? No, so let the chips faL where they may. It’s a damn mess, We have to start again, Fresh. 1963 constitutional reset and bring the Cherokee and Navajo, Sioux and Chippewa, Choctaw and Apache, Pueblo and Iroquois, Creek and Blackfeet to make ammends to them and further reset 1776. Our roots are in cooperation and intermingling with the Tribes and Nations that were here when our ancestral peoples and laws arrived on this continent, slave and slaveowner. The Christian/Pagan European, the Negro-Christian African-American, and the Native American Great Spirits must share this northerN halF-America. We wiL, I embrace This and know iT to be so that the European Christian Faith will penetrate the greater meanings of its own symboLs to be liberated from dogma and united in the Living World.

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