The Post-apocalypse is shaping up. Already we have Peanut butter and Jelly peanut-butter cups. Tell me that’s not a sign? Peanut butter and jelly peanut butter cups! Dang. Excess deaths should be blowing out right now if the pattern held from the previous two years. But the vaccines are probably mildly working, protecting people from the 5G radiation using graphene. Plus a lot of the vulnerable population is already dead. So no apocalypse, just a lot of dead birds and bees and sterilized populations. 

You see, when you are raised to believe in a deity that controls everything for the benefit of people, and punishes baddies, and then you stop believing in that Being whilsts simultaneously finding that you are unimaginably fantastically wealthy, well? You decide to just do it yourself!
So, Bill Gates and BiG tOm hAnKs and all those Malthusian clowns saw that 5G roll-out would kill millions (or war in Ukraine or whatever failed plot they cooked up) this was seen as a good thing because* there were too many people. And just like antelope, if you kill a whole bunch of them with lions, then the ones that are left are healthy. There is a logic to it, but it is eviL because it is OccuLT. It is oCCUlt because it is hidden. HEY BILL i SHED LIGHT not spikes. HEY PEOPLE, GET YO’SEF some Cl02, thats one part Cl two parts Oxygen. That spells Chlorine Dioxide and I take it every day. I had covid for about 24 hours last Thursday. Shit is licked. I’ll never get sick again. Not like I used to, every year several times (except the year when I did yoga every day, that shits hard!) And did you know it cleared up an ear-ache I had so long I even forgot it was there until it was just gone one day. And exzema too, had that for about 25 years on my feet and palms. Gone! Someone said it’L cure Autism?! Shit I’d believe it.

You have to be making this stuff Joseffs! Cause the GOVmin wowne litch you have it nen, them be killin Fawks

**because it is self-evidently impossible for such a Deity to fail, he only realizes after the fact why he was right all along even though he was surprised by the result, this only merits his further awe at his own prescience. This differs from Joyce’s artist whose “errors are volitional and the portals of discovery” because he concedes them as error, and thus his error contrasts the illumined good.

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