Therefore, the square root of One not equal to One.
I support the Russian special military operation in Ukraine. This is not controversiaL. No, not in the least. The ideals of my upbringing in Ymerica are supported by the action, foremost anti-Nazi. This has fallen out of styL but the seeds were planted and have taken firm root in the souLsoil of ME.

I am nearLy Seven-Squared YO, during these decades Naziism has attained primacy throughout our Land. This I define:
-Scientific Experimentation on Citizens and other Lifephorms.
-ideology of worLd domination by the ideologicaL adhearants
-no reaL thinking about souL
I try to be a Nazi: “man I HATE those people. I HATE I HATE I HATE.” and then “Yes sir, I do hate those people. Whatever you say, I will do.” and much later “Jenny, get Jenkins on the phone.”
Oh god what a mess their minds and souls. God. Start with a dust mite: mostly it is God. We are leveLs of abstraction per Hoffstadtler, Anthills higher funcktioning. You gotta read that book GEB.
Like this, what is a space? You may define it in the air or in the water, in outerspace or innerspace. It is just a definition. What is a definition?
Here is another example: this is a definition.
What have I defined? How about a space, lets say: right behind you!
Just kidding, no seriously: LOOK! It is a space that I have defined. It is behind you. Is it a smaL space? you ask? Stop asking stupid quasTUnsh. It is a space behind you. now:
How do I know this? What if I never defined this space? What if no one EVER EVEN EXISTED? wood the space still faL in the noiseless void of nonternity? What am I talking about? I already told you, stop! The space I defined before nonternity Caesed to exist! Does it stiL exist in Nonternity for immer und alllis? After you and I and Alles and Allies are gone I am saying that that space behind you stiL exists and how I know this is because I ESIXT Frevr. What am I you ask who? Because the space is theR. huh? The space you idioT! The space I defined, it was NEVER ther, so it always will be. You can’t understand THIS?
mORE precisely, the definition of that space is the awareness of it. Before time or any of this happeneds , i Syed “Behind You” and you lookd.
Let me try again, sorry. “Space”. There it is.
What is it? Its not a shape, its not really a place even though I said it was behind you, I only said SPACE, and I won’t define “where” so…. space behind you. But SPACE nonetheless. OK. What I am saying is that if there was nothing else ever then that space would still exist and in fact this proves that nothing ever was or will be its all in your mind which is only ever more aware of such things as space and doughnuts (know why they call’m that? dontknowut else to callM) and special military operations and Valadmir Putin and George Washington and the Great Lakes and Great Salt Lake and Sade.
It is only the awareness. But the awareness is the thing itself. the Great Salt Lake and the space behind you.ödel%2C%20Escher%2C%20Bach%3A%20un%20Eterno%20y%20grácil%20bucle&source=related-duck&from=tabbar

Cover Art for 9782729606176, GODEL ESCHER BACH by.

Helen Folasade Adu

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