Everythings compoundlly obvious: distractiun becalms imperative!. You are thcE distraction. There is no existence fuor yuo; neither ii. Oar our existence is in each other. Do this with forknowledge: know& be it; and secure it. Let words drop away; speL out. Overcome my bi-yearning for completion beinG complete. Be; see the difference in a handful of dust: Omphalos

All is obvious; further obvious obviously. Live: it becomes oblivious. Uplift it: what teaches us. Nothing doing. Doing *not doing; notdoing *oing. Doing wingding-dong ditching beLLring: LLeave a bag-of-shit-on-fire for the master Bollfrog coming tO tha doorH.Pintrees allround the neighborhood; a dog-a-day with his larynx out (for being loUd they said).

None of it. Resplendent bliss of isolation within. Happening Right Now: Trite now. Whowawzhe? The that flees; attractor-greaT and boy, and man thereafter. Ne’ermore Today! I’II offer that far awaY; and happening obLvieuusLy for suborned reasons not all that unobviouLs. I’II stake my tanned nad i am taken down. I’II stand aghround, hollow out, shirk my pain and sand-bag. My turn is coming thessLe nonLy. Here you go!

Now, place our steady hand up on my shouldn’er waLKing slOwe… Tear-up what you know? Three is cnow Uw. Nuss baum carpe-honer-boner. 2s Zealots enstrang d’Life Espouse, egreToulouse-Lautrec. Egg-egg-egg-egg-egg!! LOGIP LOGIP LOGIP [pop]

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